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The neighborhood planning process began in the fall of 2018 with a kickoff meeting highlighting the major areas of study for the plan:

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The area is walkable to our downtowns, has opportunities for recreation and plenty of area amenities.  What else is needed to enhance this neighborhood?

Review the existing conditions regarding mobility around the area.

A snapshot of  the existing conditions on the commercial corridors.

In conjunction with the city's blight analysis in 2017 a Market Value Analysis was completed, providing insight into the city's housing markets.

Does the neighborhood need more social service agencies? More activities for children and young adults?

Public Meeting Presentations

Public meetings to solicit feedback were held in October and November, 2018 and April 2019.  Please click on the buttons to review the presentations from each meeting

Final Plan Information

Plan goals and findings were unveiled on June 25 at a public meeting. A plan document will be was produced that is helping guide the implementation of the strategies. The publications below provide an overview of the final plan.

For information on the Northside 2027 Neighborhood, or to become involved in the planning efforts, please contact us.

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