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The City of Bethlehem has a variety of resources and partners available to support our community. 

Commercial supports bring visibility to storefronts to support our small business owners.

Through the City of Bethlehem's Residential Façade and Housing Rehabilitation programs. Northside Alive offers Housing Supports for property owner restoration/ preservation projects that improve quality of life and increase property values for our residents. 


Partnerships with New Bethany offer families rental-related supports such as, an Eviction Prevention and Rapid Rehousing Program.


Community Schools support families and provide valuable afterschool enrichment opportunities for students. 

The Northside community is a walkable neighborhood filled with small shops, restaurants, and parks. Local businesses offer everything from yoga to live music to trivia.  

There is always something to do in our Northside community and many resources are available to support our Northside neighbors and community improvements.

Follow us on social media and visit our events page to stay up to date with neighborhood events. 

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